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The term “French manicure” sign every fashionistas around the world. Initially, he was on his hands, but later appeared and a French manicure on my feet, which won no less popular.

French manicure on your feet is one of the most versatile types of pedicure. Hisversatility above all that it is suitable for any outfit and occasion. French manicure on my feet always look smart and neat. In addition, it is safe: Cuticle remover is not usedcutting tools.

How do the French manicure on your feet

1. At the feet smeared with a special softening composition, after which a smallpeeling.
2. The cuticle is treated with a special gel, softens, and then pushed the orange stick.
3. With nail file carefully to the desired shape of nails, and make the most grindingand nail bed okolonogtevogo.
4. The next step – a foot massage with nourishing and moisturizing cream.
5. After the foot massage nails are transparent lacquer-base. It prevents yellowingnails and smooths them. It is desirable to use a varnish treatment to another andstrengthen nails.
6. One of the last stages of a French manicure on your feet – this emphasis on the ends by placing on them a white lacquer.
7. Finally, upon completion of the procedure for creating a manicure, nails are pink or beige polish in 1-2 layers, and then – fixative that allows your French manicure on your feet will be worn as long as possible.